Friday, 12 October 2007


I wonder if in a socially just society they would be???

Hi Everybody

On Weds 10 th Oct 2007 I once again visited the Welsh Assembly down Cardiff Bay, with some banners and me video camera. I arrived in time to have them in place for ITV’s 1330 hrs Broadcast (video soon to be uploaded to and the url's posted at the end of this).

I have noticed over the past few weeks where they have their camera situated to show the bay area, on account that I've been visiting a freind, and I have noticed how often reference are made to the weather by looking out of the supposed window behind the presenters as if they are showing ‘real time’ goings on at the Bay.

The four banners that I placed first in full view of ITV field of view were, the welsh assembly in disgrace, the Rhodri Morgan sued for criminal negligence, the ofwat get a meter attitude, and my blog address banner. Then I erected the music stand and the Decho banner, free standing that I could place in the small window of opportunity that I had noticed to the right of the presenter on the right of the two who do the show. Well during the 1800 to 1900 hrs spot at least. So that the officers who brought out the piece of paper that claimed regulations banned signs from being attached to the railings at the front of the Assembly building, would not be able to take that one down seeing as it was free standing.(See vid on youtube)

Speaking of which today while going through my archive footage, that on the 6/3/07 protest, there was no wafting of that document in my face, ergo it was produced after that event, (see video of them telling me about the piece of paper) and hence the police once again have aided n abetted the Welsh Assembly in criminal negligence by attempting to stop a lone demonstrators highlighting their issues??????????????? In front of the Nation, presupposing that the ITV Broadcast was in ‘real time’.

That this was the real reason that they dreamt up the document that forbade attaching stuff to the railings of the Assembly building, so that they would not be in full view of the ITV watching public. Personally I would like that bit of paper challenge as to its legality, if indeed we were to have a robust democracy in Wales. Also the date of its creation. What are they so afraid of Crazydave?????????????(the truth of their negligent ways perhaps)

Well 1400 hrs came along and I then moved the banners to the risk assessment position (remember the officer excuse for their removal on the queens visit to give sanction to these bunch of vulnerable adult haters) Yep I put them on the railing facing the assembly that run along the steps.

Well 1500 hrs came along and ‘lets go see what they are all gabbling on about in there today eh Crazydave?’ ‘Why not!’ So I go through the entry process, have a piss in the loo, and get me ticket and go inside, some of the new security were a little unsure how to deal with me, while the old hands offering polite greetings. One of the new stopped me from using my Video Camera in the Viewing Chamber, I didn’t argue the toss, but made a note that’s another thing that’s hardly in line with open government now, is it Mr. Morgan?

Yet another thing to challenge, or shall I apply to do what the rest of the media do, or will I have to pretend that I am a Media outlet with free access to film when ever I choose, in the viewing chamber??

Because, while we can read the transcripts that they make of the plenary sessions. I haven’t noticed that you can download video of the session that they have spent countless millions on the cameras they have installed in the chamber, to video themselves with???

Maybe then I could video my Assembly Member continually not representing his constituent’s issues on the chamber floor. Eh Mr. Jonathan Morgan. Who by the way didn’t have a supercilious smile for me as I sat opposite him, but upped n legged it for a time.

What were they debating Crazydave? Well isn’t it odd, it was ‘water sprinkler systems’ and how they would be ideal for OH MY OH ME ‘vulnerable adults’ living in ‘Houses of multiple occupancy’ I could not help myself but whisper 'like they give a damn about vulnerable adults' If they did I would hardly have been down there again, with my banners or typing this now, would I.

‘You would not Crazydave!’ So what is the inference we can take from their sympathetic words ‘A bunch of lying scoundrels Crazydave’ Exactly!

In the viewing chamber you cannot challenge the members in their smooze while their at it, by raising ones voice, like all those baying buffoons at the house of commons or you will be demanded to leave i.e. ‘Like any of you have cared, about the issues of this vulnerable adult!’ Or take videos, and you better be quick having a drink, cos they think your gonna throw it through the gap in the glass panels, cos you’re a socially excluded member from their club. Yet they like to make pretend they have transparent government.

So did ITV play with their technology, and place a not in real time view of the Bay. Just check the archive footage of the manner in which they have referred to the image behind them at the Bay and see if they are implying to the Nation this is a ‘real time’ view of Cardiff Bay and the Oh So Much flaunted Assembly building. Because, at 1800 hrs. I again repositioned the four banners into full view of their camera as if it were ‘real time’. The video I shot will show that the street lighting above the banners mysteriously did not come on?????????????????????? I have a solution for that, but it will wait, won’t it Mr. Presiding Officer, the man who will not demand that Assembly Members respond to emails?????????

The one and only, House of Lords member Dafydd Ellis Thomas, ‘Soon to be dragged through the muck eh Crazydave?’ Say ‘Praise the Lord’

So, all in all, the visit once again has raised further questions as to the machinations of this Welsh Assembly Government to protestors like myself, who they imagine they can somehow marginalize and not reap the reward of their wilful neglect that over time becomes criminal negligence. So who is there to ensure they are truly accountable to the people? Certainly not the ballot box, and as most people are to blind to see, they don’t try to change a thing, and this lot just keep getting away with it.


But its not as if the organisations put in place to hold the media to account, will do anything about that. Because they are paid for by government to do ‘sweet F.A.’ as granny would say about it. See the blog about the so-called impartiality that the BBC is supposed to be run on. Isn’t that right Director General of the BBC Mr. Mark Thompson?

So, if this campaign of mine reaches full fruition, and all the statements on the banners are proved to be true, and serious questions along with, serious charges brought against those organisations and individuals mentioned maybe then we will have the government we truly deserve, and measures imposed not by mandarin’s (government stooges) but by us, that ensure that one individual is not ignored as though they do not exist, just because they have persistence.

Will the European Court of Human Rights come through, and issue the necessary archives of ITV to prove the points made in this blog. Because if the footage was shown in ‘real time’ on the 10th how is it that the media are not all dancing around Mr. Morgan asking him to refute the allegations made on my banner.

Today 11/10/07 I emailed all the new meat at the Assembly, those elected in the last election just so they cannot say they have not heard of me, or the stuff on my web page (thirteen in all).

Oh and between 1800 hrs n 1900 hrs Plaid Cymru were having a little wine and music get together, in th assembly foyer. The Jolly giant of Plaid one Helen Mary jones was doing the 'lets make out like I'm a lovely person' Is that the Helan Mary Jones who refused to write that letter on your behalf Crazydave, the very same.

While Lord Ellis Thomas the man who no doubt sanctioned 'the no banners on the assembly railings' document (anti-democratic old boy) smooozed, along with the others. Like Rhodri Glyn thomas who took over Jocelyn Davies role on the Social Services Committee, you know the guy who told you that, 'Leanne Wood was looking into your housing situation' Giving it the ole 'What a cool guy I am swishing the white whine' and Kirsty Williams came out to have a ciggy with a coupla guys while I struttted my funky stuff with the Decho banner, up and down the front of the Assembly, just incase 'real time'was on the go, and just incase they had moved the camera a little to the left.

So the question is, if they have continually braodcast to the Nation as if they are showing real time footage of the bay, does this instance prove that they have been fooling the people, or have they deliberately news managed the footage in order to protect the Welsh Assembly from blushes, or awkward questions. i.e. aided n abetted IN CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE by not showing the banners, because if they had shown the banners I am sure I would have heard ALL ABOUT IT ON THE BBC RADIO WALES NEWS??????

All the Best People from Crazydave,
you only get the government you demand. for a full list of blogs and easy access to the videos go to WELSH ASSEMBLY THE CRAZYDAVE FILES.

Oh yeah read the Transcript for Weds 10/10/07 of the Assmbly minutes to see the references to 'vulnerable adults' and 'houses of multiple occupancy' easily available on their web site.



HI PEOPLE, well today I am uploading some more vids to youtube, and will place the url's below. Firstly I am gonna copy paste an email sent to the new Assembly Members voted in this year. It was about time I got intouch with them, maybe they can see, what the previous lot have not been willing to.

On Mr. Richard evans BBC radio Wales Phone in today, there was a debate on the Geraint Evans Murder, I sometimes think that is what they have wanted from me, a violent reaction to provocation, and hence the banner regarding torture of mental health patient, that dripping tap torture, insidious but none the less impactful. You only have to have seen the sad gits the last time they were ever in my property and their sick smirk's at the racket from the 'awipes' washing machine above, to really understand these sad MF's modus oprerandi that due to lack of care, the usual suspects have deemed good enough for you crazydave, and unfortunately still do.

Here's the email plus their email addresses.

Hi All

I wish to invite you all to look at the following blog site. I appreciate that you are all new to the Assembly, but I will brief you all as to why you are receiving this.

Since february 2004, I have been bringing banner's to the assembly, in the fond hope that one of the members might assist me, none did, not in anyway that would be of long term help. So I made more and more banners, and if not for the kindness of one individual I would not have been able to make the videos that I have, and posted those on the www. They after all raise questions to numerous to list here or with the time constraint I have today.

I know that you will all be advised to not respond to this to claim protocol as a means for not raising the issues, after all none of your party leaders have wished to bother. Those are other questions also raised by my continued efforts, that only they can answer for. The blogs might appear long and tedious, but some of the videos especially the micro water wheel videos, and the ussage of river by school children might interest some of you, and ask well why hasn't the energy minister got the boffins investigating their production, or the output that they can generate, why isn't the sustainable energy commission looking into it.

You will see that the list of 'usual suspects' crosses the political spactrum, those are the AM's, n MP's and house of Lords members who I have continually emailed regarding my protest. I wonder if one of you will call for a public inquiry into the criminal negligence of crazydave in particular and vulnerable adults in general following having a browse through all of this.

The blog address incase you did not see the banner yesterday at the assembly is there you will find easily clickable links to all my blogs, and the videos as you will see, because the crown prosecution service did nothing, because the ipcc did nothing and because the house of lords did nothing, I have petitioned the European Court of Human Rights and I am awaiting the outcome of that.

all the best Crazydave.,,,,,,,,,,,,

Well thats the list, I have had a email from Nerys Evans promising to have a read which is alot more than many have done, i.e. emailed me back, I expect she will be told not to anymore once this is sent to the USUAL SUSPECTS.

When you have the BBC Rod Sharp on his up all night five live show talking about citizen journalism around the world, you think they would be interested in the fact that the citizens of Wales are barred from recording their Assembly Members in action, especially when those Assembly members have continued to be practitioners of Social Exclusion towards this individual. Oh I wonder why the BBC keeps oh so quiet about that eh Mr. Richard Evans.

I also imagine that seeing as its me making the point that transparency or accoun tability is damaged by this policy they will not change it. It will be up to you the people to decide if we demand the right to record the goings on at the assembly. It will be up to the people perhaps to demand that we be allowed to attach banners to the railings outside there also, after all they are our servants, not not not the other way around as Mr. Ellis Thomas would have you all believe, or Mr. Rhodri Morgan or the civil servants like the Police who inforce this piece of paper, created god alone know when, certainly not at the start of the year, or did I arrive to late on that day so as not to matter to the itv cameras.

the vids

the right to safe post n other stuff

should itv be sued for aiding n abetting the welsh assembly in criminal negligence

welsh assembly suspended pending investigation by the european court of human rights

single people housing n cardiff county counil

my lovely garden (the back) qualitative difference




Well after listening to the BBC phone in on Monday the 22/10/07 (lets hope that's the right date). Where The First Minister was once again given air time, again Mr. Richard Evans failed to ask those oh so awkward questions.

LIKE! first Minister how is it that the sustainable energy commission are still not looking into Crazydave's Micro Water Wheel idea, after all it is feasable that this could be a 24/7 x 365 day's a year source of free energy??????

LIKE! first Minister, the Assembly prides itself on Transparency of government, how is it then that Citizen Journalist are barred from filming video's of the debates in the chamber????????????

LIKE! First Minister, you are as aware as I am that Rodney Berman appears reluctant to respond to a council tenant regarding the delay in the receipt of a corporate complaint number with regards the victimization of said tenant by housing officers. What does your government intend to do with council leaders who do not meet their responsibilities to the community. Should favoritism exist in local government where certain individuals are ignored by elected and unelected official alike???? (let alone why is it that ministers in his government refuse to respond to questions asked)

LIKE! ( this ones a repeat on Mr. Morgans last interview with Richard Evans) When is the Assembly going to re-desigante houses of multiple occupancy Shared Houses, so that the vulnerable adults housed are nolonger cash cows for the Professional Elite?????????

There are other's but that will do for now. So I will ask this question.

SHOULD BBC RADIO WALES BE SUED FOR AIDING AND ABETTING THE WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT IN ITS CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE OF CRAZYDAVE AND consequently OTHER VULNERABLE ADULTS???? given the BBC's refusal to ask such questions of the first minister, and will it be the corporation itself or specific individuals like Mr. Evans who have by their complicity of silence, aided and abetted the Assembly in Criminal negligence eh Mr. Mark Thompson D.G. of the organisation??????????????????????????

What about those Trust members Crazydave who refuse to acknowledge that the organisation is nothing but a monopoly and hence illegal and ergo so is the Licence fee????????????????? Eh chief constable, Eh the Crown ProsecutionService whos job its been to assist the BBC in Criminalising, fining and imprisoning people for not paying an illegal charge???????????